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Hello, faithful reader! I was hoping to wait on this blog post until hearing back on three “in the works” projects, but everything has been postponed and I’m itching to put something on the blog. So here you go, and … Continued

Full Throttle

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Well, it was May of this year that I signed on to illustrate “Alphabet Adventures” by Kathy Joneja, and I wrapped up final illustrations on Halloween! My work on the book is done, and now it’s in the publication pipeline … Continued

Fox Wedding + My Process!

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Hey coconuts! Last y’all heard, I’d just finished creating a comic book centered around my journey with Whole30. After the comic, I really plunged into creating artwork for my third book, ABC Adventures. The sketches are all approved, and I’m … Continued

Whole30 Comic!

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Time for an update, yo! BTW, I’m feeling punchy today. You’ve been warned. I’ve got LOTS of illustration projects going on simultaneously this summer, but we’re going to be alright because we have the syllabus, remember? It’s all about checking … Continued


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I’m happy to report that I’ve been making great headway on my personal project, following along with my personal syllabus to check off 4-5 illustrative tasks per week toward the end goal of sending out my book dummy by May … Continued

Transitions II

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How was your September? Did your kids start school, or did you start teaching again? Did you start up college and quit hitting the beach so often? Are you at the same desk job but starting to feel your surroundings … Continued

My First School Reading

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It happened! “The Tryceratops” was published on April 30, 2015. And I am PUMPED! The reception has been amazing – I cannot believe the outpouring of support from my family and friends. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a … Continued

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